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First Football Betting Secret:"Chose Your Personal Betting Budget"



Many gamblers didn't know how much money they are playing in a month or how much money they have been lost in a month.

How many days they had WON or how many times they LOST.



I Would like to mention here at BetTips365.com we can't play with Money. It's not a joke.



If  youn don't have yet a betting budget, just make one.



Note: You Soccer Betting Budget Must Be Created By Doesn't Affect Your Life.

Second Betting Tips Secret:"Bet 2 or 3 Games In A Combi Ticket"


I Prefer To Bet 2 Games In A Ticket. This Soccer Betting Formula Works Greater Playing 2 Games in a Betslip.

Another Thing To Lose Money Betting On Sports Is Because The Gamblers Play More Games to Their Betslip.

This is one of the best indicator for every bookies to Win Money. They will give to you many bonuses if you will bet more than 6 games in a row. Just ask yourself, WHY?

Our Job Is To Win Us Money Not The Bookies.????

The Third Soccer Betting Secret Is Toghether With The Second.




The 3rd Soccer Tips&Predictions Secret:" How To Chose Games?"


This Part I Like Very Much Becasue A Lot Of Things Can Happen. Also we can loss ????.

The Most Important Think Is How To Chose Our Betting Games? As A Tipster I Am Looking To Bet That Games Which Have A High Winning Rate.

Where I found That Games?

Today we have a lot apps which show us every single details for each game in a day or week. But the worst thing is the gamblers doesn't have time to have a look at the games.

You don't have time? No problem. We are here to help you. We have to prepare each week over 50 games which different statistics. Like:


Games who are Finnished last 3 Home/Away matches as a Draw Result. Between 50%-65% That Team Are Not Finnish Again As A Draw!


Tips Between 50%-65% Winning Rate


Games who are Finnished last 4 Home/Away matches as a draw result. Between 65%-80% That Team Are Not Finnish Again As A Draw!


Tips Between 65%-80% Winning Rate


Games who are Finnished Last 5 or more Home/Away matches as a draw result. Between 80%-95% That Team Are Not Finnish Again As A Draw!


Tips Between 80%-95% Winning Rate


Teams Who Didn't Received Goals From 5 Rounds Or More Than 5 Rounds


Tips with Over 80%-95% Winning Rate


Teams Who Didn't Scored From 5 Rounds Or More Than 5 Rounds


Tips Between 85%-95% Winning Rate


Games Who Are Finnished As A Draw Last 3 Between Games Or More Than 3 Between Games


Tips Between 75%-95% Winning Rate


Games Who Are Finnished Without BTTS Last 5 Between Games Or More Than 5 Between Games


Tips Between 75%-95% Winning Rate





The 4th Betting Secrets: " How To Manage Your Bets "


In The 1st Betting Secret I Called You To Create A Soccer Betting Budget.

In The 2nd Betting Secret I Learn You How Many Games You Must Bet On A Combi Betslip.

In The 3rd Betting Secret I Open Your Mind To See Other Betting System. We don't Need Fixed Matches. The stats give us what we need to make money betting on sports.


Great News????????, I have The Answer.

To Manage Your Bets You Really Need The first Game Won. Try To Don't Bet 2 Games At The Same Hours Started.

If  The First Game Are Won We Just Need To Be A Bit Lucky And Our Last Team To Have An Advantage.

For Example: If Our Team Have Minimum Advantage Like (0-1, 1-0, 1-2, 2-1, etc) we need to lock our bets.

When we lock our bets it's 95% Win.

How we Lock Our Bets?

In 85' Our team have Minimum Advantage We are Going To Live Betting and we Will Bet The Game Will Finnish Like A Draw. That Means The Odd Will Be Like 7 or more.

Ex: base betslip

1st Game = Odd 2.15

2nd Game = Odd 2,15

our investment 10€

10€ x 2,15 x 2,15 = 46,22€ Posibil Win

Ex: Live Betting

1st Game WON =2,15

2nd Game 1-0 = 85'

live Bet 10€ ( we will have the same investment like in the first Betslip)

10€ x live odd 7,00 = 70€

Finnaly We Have 20€ investment an 26€ minimum profits or 50€ maximum profits.

The Same Strategy If Our 1st Game Won And The second Game have 2-0 or 0-2 or 1-3 or 3-1, Etc.

In this case You Will Bet in 75'. The odd will be 15 or 20 or more.

With these Beste betting System You Will Lock Your Bets. And you can Make 200€ with only 20€ investment, betting only 2 games.

Note: We are not Lucky To Win Every Betslip. This strategy can help us to lock our last minutes and give us a huge posibility to win more money than the first Betslip.

The 5th Soccer Prediction Secret: " How To Build A Great Betting Foundation"!

These Secret Is One Of The Most Importat Think. As I told You on 1st Stage, Many People Didn't Know How Much Money They Are Lost Or Win, Just Because The Don't Have A Betting Budget An They Don't Know How To Manage Their Losing Day And How To Manage Their Winning Days.

To Have Access To This Huge Criteria, Chose Weekly Or Monthly Plan And You Will Receive From Us Our Best Betting System Includind All Secrets.

Everyone Win And Los Money Betting on Soccer, But Only 2% Of Gambler Are Making Money Betting.

Some "Fans" Are loking to find that fixed matches with odd +900 To Become " Bill Betting Gates " In one day. For sure they will loss. Without a great soccer betting tips strategy it's very hard to make money regular.

The 6th Soccer Secret: " Which Game You Are Bet "

This Betting Secret is Very Important Because You Must Plan All Your Bets. It's Not About Bet and Win. Sounds easy. To Build Your Betslip You Must Follow This Strategy.

Choosing Weekly Or Monthly Plan You Will Have Access To All My Predictions And Secrets. Grab To Subscribe Now.

The 7th Betting Secret: " How to Bet Without Risk "

This is Secret ????





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